New emergency teledentistry platform


BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. – As TeleDentistry becomes increasingly popular within the healthcare industry, Xpress DDS announces a new outlet to give hospital patients emergency access to dental care.

Dental emergency visits increase wait times, occupy treatment rooms and decrease the capacity for more emergent patients. In fact, each dental-related ER visit costs the hospital on average more than $1,000. Additionally, 25% of patients with unresolved oral issues cycle back to the ER seeking relief, resulting in unmet needs and an expensive cyclical pattern.

Cassi Layne, founder of the nation’s largest geriatric dental company, saw a need to close this gap and created Xpress DDS. This cutting-edge TeleDentistry platform routes hospital dental emergency patients to a tablet kiosk designed to provide immediate care and treatment from a virtual licensed Dentist, supported by referral and scheduling assistance at a local brick and mortar dental office.

“At Xpress DDS, our main goal is to help both patients and hospitals,” said Cassi Layne, CEO of Xpress DDS. “A majority of hospitals are just not equipped with emergency dental services, but patients should still be able to get the care they deserve. That’s when we step in.”

Xpress DDS helps hospitals decrease overhead costs, reduce long waiting room times for patients and eliminate the ER’s responsibility of having to source an emergency dentist. With telemedicine on the uprise in the healthcare industry, dental specialists are becoming equipped with the means to treat patients remotely. By providing quick diagnoses and remedies to their pain in real time, patients will avoid further dental complications and ER’s can prioritize attention on non-dental patients. Through Xpress DDS, hospitals and emergency rooms can now seamlessly integrate urgent dental services to their healthcare services.

Xpress DDS is actively adding this feature to hospital ERs. For further information about implementing the Xpress DDS platform, please contact Xpress DDS at [email protected] or visit